20 Church Websites Created with Saved WordPress Theme

Saved is a premium WordPress theme developed by ChurchThemes. With its bold design and super easy customization, Saved helps you create a website that reflects your church’s personality.

Can Saved Theme be considered a church website builder? Yes! The homepage (front page) is built using custom widgets, which is why you can create a front page that is as complex as you want it to be. Thanks to the flexibility of using widgets you can always adapt your homepage to your current needs.
Add, remove and reorder the widgets at any time!

First-time WordPress users will often doubt that they can build a website that looks close to what a theme’s demo displays. A theme’s developer knows best how everything works, so it is easy for them to build a good looking sample website. But can customers achieve the same?

In this Theme Spotlight post I would like to present 20 church websites built with Saved Theme, so that you can get a better understanding of how different churches have adapted the theme to their own needs and content.

1. Golden Bay Baptist Church

2. Frankston Presbyterian Church

3. Covenant Orthodox Prebyterian Church

4. Tongariro Catholic

5. Biserica Creștină Baptistă “BETEL” Tulcea

6. St. John’s Diamond Creek

7. First United Methodist Church of Jonesboro

8. Brown Trail Church of Christ

9. Bethalto Cornerstone Church

10. Community United Church of Christ

11. Hounslow Methodist Church

12. Christian Church of Anchorage

13. Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church

14. Eglise Evangélique de Wissembourg

15. Iglesia Evangélica Moron de la Frontera

16. Freie Evangelische Gemeinde Dillenburg

17. Biserica Baptistă Providența Lugoj

18. Hamar Frikirke

19. World Restoration Center Church

20. St. Paul United Methodist Church – Highlands, Louisville, Kentucky

More about Saved WordPress Theme

I hope that this collection of 20 church websites from all around the world will help you make a more informed decision whether Saved WordPress theme is a good fit for your website.

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