New Theme: CAPA is a modern WordPress theme for photographers, created for the Block Editor.

Block Patterns for WordPress - Plugin

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Better Block Patterns —

From portfolios, pricing tables, hotel room pages, user testimonials, to staff directories and more, we make creating these pages easier.
Better Block Patterns is free to try out. Get started today!

Block Patterns for WordPress - Plugin

Take full advantage of the WordPress Block Editor

A large library of starter templates for beautiful and engaging content.

01.Easy for beginners and experts alike

Better Block Patterns is easy for all types of WordPress users.

02.Works with any WordPress Theme

Better Block Patterns works with all WordPress themes that are compatible with the Block Editor (Gutenberg). Thanks to this, you can change your active theme and keep all existing patterns.

03.Various Pattern Packages

Create pages faster by using popular block patterns or patterns created for different topics.

04.Performance is a Top Priority

Better Block Patterns loads only the assets that are needed and only when needed. It comes with several performance settings to further minimize its footprint.