Introducing CAPA, A WordPress Theme for Photographers and the Block Editor

Capa is a beautiful portfolio WordPress theme for photographers, designers, painters, artists and bloggers who need a stylish website.

Capa was created to take full advantage of the new WordPress Block Editor, thus removing the necessity for page building plugins like Elementor.

It also makes it incredibly easy to use different fonts and font sizes when creating your unique content.

Capa includes many easy to use block patterns that will make your website look like an expensive custom website.

Partial screenshot of the CAPA live demo homepage.

Please watch the 6-minute video below for a detailed demonstration of what you can accomplish with Capa.

Video Transcription

Capa is a modern WordPress theme for photographers and other creatives.

Thanks to its powerful features and the full support for the new Block Editor, Capa can help you build the website that you always wanted, without any page building plugins like Elementor or Visual Composer.

Custom Block Patterns

I would like to start with my favorite part of Capa, and that is the custom block patterns. 

If you’re not familiar with Block Patterns, allow me to quickly demonstrate how they work.

When you create or edit a page, you can click on the Plus sign to add a new block. But instead of Blocks, you can select the Patterns panel. Then select one of the Capa categories, where you will see a wide selection of patterns.

I’ll add the second variation of the Inquire pattern. This is a Cover block with two columns on top of it.

Inquire V2 Block Pattern in CAPA WordPress Theme

Simply add an image to the cover block and tweak its options, like the opacity.

You can freely edit the contents of the overlay by adding, deleting or moving different blocks.

When you’re working with blocks like headings or paragraphs, you can select a custom font size and one of the 3 typefaces: primary, secondary or accent. Later in the video I’ll show you how to change these fonts.

Here’s a quick demo of more Capa patterns.

Package V3 Block Pattern in CAPA WordPress Theme
Packages V1 Block Pattern in CAPA WordPress Theme

If there is a columns block, then you can add, remove or rearrange the columns. 

To make your job even easier, Capa includes Full Page patterns from the live demo.

So if you want to replicate one of the pages from the demo, simply add that pattern to a page and you’re ready to go. 

Many new block patterns will be added in future theme updates.

Theme Features and Options

Now let’s look at some of the main options that are included in Capa.

On the Customize page, you can upload your logo In the Site Identity panel.

In the Theme Settings panel you can change the structure of the theme.

In the General Options section, you can select the default sidebar position: on the left, on the right or no sidebar at all. This is a global setting, but you can override it for any page.

The footer color palette can be dark or light, and you can enable or disable the theme’s zoom and scroll animations. 

The header has 3 different layouts, with different positioning for the logo and the menu.

All header layouts can be displayed on top of the hero images. You can select the opacity of the header background, as well as enable a blur effect that resembles stained glass.

In the Homepage panel, you can change the color style of the slideshow content box, as well as hide post titles and excerpts. The homepage slideshow works with blog posts. To add a post to the slideshow, simply edit one and find the Custom Options meta box on the right side. Select the Feature on Homepage checkbox and update the post. 

In the Post Archives panel, you can select the layout for blog archives, as well as the post thumbnail orientation: landscape, square or portrait.

On the Customize page, in the Quick Styling section of the Theme Fonts panel, you can change the three default typefaces, which will then be used all across your website.

You can do specific changes for different parts of the website, where you can control the typeface, the font size, style and so on.

Similar options are available in the Theme Colors panel. 

The Colors from the Quick Styling section are also available in the Block Editor when you edit your posts and pages.  


A lot of time and effort went into making Capa as easy to use as possible. It works right out of the box and does not require any plugins.

Capa includes one click theme updates directly from the dashboard. Updating your theme couldn’t be easier than this.

Capa is fully compatible with WooCommerce, so you can build your shop and start selling today.

Quick and friendly support by email and Skype is available to all Capa users with an active license. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Thank you for watching.

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