=== Cityguide ===

Contributors: ilovewpcom
Tags: grid-layout, footer-widgets, one-column, two-columns, left-sidebar, right-sidebar, custom-background, custom-colors, custom-menu, editor-style, featured-images, full-width-template, rtl-language-support, sticky-post, theme-options, threaded-comments, translation-ready

Requires at least: 4.4.4
Tested up to: 4.7.4
Stable tag: 1.0.0
License: GPLv3 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html

== Description ==

CityGuide is a versatile WordPress theme that can work as a traditional blogging or magazine theme, as well as a page-based directory theme.
The theme comes with a custom page template that allows you to display child pages of a parent page, letting you build unlimited directory-type pages.
The theme is search engine optimized, translatable, customizable and fully responsive.

== Installation ==

1. In your admin panel, go to Appearance > Themes and click the Add New button.
2. Click Upload and Choose File, then select the theme’s .zip file. Click Install Now.
3. Click Activate to use your new theme right away.

= How to setup the front page like the demo site? =

The demo site URL: http://demo.ilovewp.com/cityguide/

When you first activate Cityguide, your homepage will display posts in a traditional blog format. If you’d like to add the additional featured sections from the demo, you can do that by going to Appearance > Customize > Theme Options.

= Footer Area =

The footer area contains 4 widgetized columns. The first column is 300px wide while the other 3 columns are 250px each.

== Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels) ==

1. The main column width is 800.
2. In full-width layout the content width is 1100.
3. A widget in the sidebar is 300.
4. The featured image on the front page and on pages works best with images at least 1140 wide.
5. Featured Images for posts should be at least 390 wide.

== Credits ==

== Licensing ==

Cityguide WordPress theme, Copyright 2017 IloveWP.com
Distributed under the GNU GPL, Version 2.

Cityguide WordPress theme bundles the following third-party resources:

SlickNav Responsive Mobile Menu by Josh Cope
Licensed under MIT
Source: http://slicknav.com/

jQuery Superfish Menu Plugin, Copyright 2014 Joel Birch
Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses
Source: https://superfish.joelbirch.co/

jQuery Flickity Plugin, Copyright Metafizzy.co
Licensed under the GPL v3 license.
Source: http://flickity.metafizzy.co/

Genericons icon font, Copyright 2016 Automattic
Licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, Version 2 (or later)
Source: http://www.genericons.com

== Changelog ==

= 25 April 2017 =
* Initial 1.0.0 Theme release