Easy Testimonials WordPress Plugin – Bad Reviews, Multiple Bugs & No Refunds

The Easy Testimonials plugin allows you to display testimonials on your WordPress website. With more than 30,000 active installations, this is one of the most used plugins in this category.

But before I begin, it is important to mention that for the past 2 and a half years the plugin has been getting only 1-star reviews from users of the PRO version.

People complain about the lack of communication, support and refunds. This review is only about the free version of the plugin and is in no way an endorsement for whatever other products this company has to offer.

The plugin can be installed from the WordPress Dashboard. Search for Easy Testimonials.

When you activate the plugin for the first time, you will see a welcome page with some help links and an ad for the PRO version of the plugin. You will also see a new Easy Testimonials section in the Dashboard.

Let’s start with the Settings pages, and there are many of them. Most of the default values are fine, but you might want to change some options in the Display and Themes pages.

The free version of the plugin doesn’t include a form to collect testimonials, it can only display them. So you will have to manually add testimonials that you gather elsewhere.

The plugin includes 3 sample testimonials. Let’s create another one.

The rating field accepts a rating from 1 to 5. But it doesn’t stop you from entering a number using the keyboard. You can even enter some outrageous number and the plugin will display this many stars. An easy way to crash the server, so don’t do that.

This is what a single testimonial will look like (with the Nutmeg Plus WordPress theme). You can change its appearance in Display Settings, in Single Testimonial View Options.

To display all testimonials, create a new page. Add a new block and search for Testimonials.

Let’s display a list. The Block’s options are available on the right. You can filter the testimonials by category, you can change the theme, select which fields to display and select if you want to display ratings.

It is also possible to display testimonials as a grid. Unfortunately this block doesn’t work right, as it doesn’t save any of my options.

And there is a block for displaying testimonials as a slideshow. There is yet another bug with the default values. If you want to display pagination and previous and next buttons, then you will have to uncheck them, save the page and then check them back again.

Another problem with this plugin is that it loads its CSS and JavaScript assets on all pages of the website, even when they are not needed. That is 6 CSS files and 2 JavaScript files. A bit too much if you ask me.

Taking in consideration this plugin’s features, bugs and questionable reputation, I don’t see a lot of reasons to use this plugin.

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