Monitor Website Errors with the Fatal Error Notify WordPress plugin

This plugin sends you an email notification when errors of a certain level are detected on any page or process on your site. Errors are often caused by theme and plugin updates, as well as changes in your web hosting environment.

To get started, go to your WordPress dashboard and install the Fatal Error Notify plugin from the official repository.

After activating the plugin, a new settings page will become available in the Settings section.

Fatal Error Notify WordPress plugin settings page.

You can select the error levels that will trigger notifications and the email address that they will be sent to.

I tend to enable only the first 2 levels of errors. If you enable the E_NOTICE level on a website with a lot of plugins, then you might receive a lot of notifications that you have little control over.

The next time an error occurs on your website you will receive an email similar to this one.

Email notification sent by the Fatal Error Notify WordPress plugin.

It shows you the error level, message, file and line number, as well as the pages where the error was seen.

A paid upgrade of the plugin is available. It comes with stealth mode and database logging. That would probably be interesting to agencies doing a lot of client work.

I think this is a fantastic plugin that should be used on every WordPress website. This functionality is essential to any website owner, and I wish that WordPress had something like this in its core.

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  1. This plugin is great for keeping an eye on your website’s errors and ensuring that they are fixed in a timely manner.

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