How to do Free Keyword Research with SEMrush Tools

If you ever had to do any serious keyword research, then you should be well aware of SEMrush and their amazing keyword research tools.

It is by far my favorite free keyword research tool, especially since Google AdWords no longer provides estimated search traffic volume.

But as great as their product is, a thousand dollars a year for the entry plan is way too much for me and my needs.

Fortunately I found an easy way to take advantage of what the SEMrush free trial account has to offer. So if you’re a regular user of the SEMrush Keyword Magic tool but you always run out of free search “credits”, watch this video.

Upgrade to SEMrush Paid Plans

If Search Engine Marketing is your full time job and you do it on a daily basis, then obviously 10 search queries a day is not sufficient. In that case you should truly consider upgrading to a paid SEMrush plan.

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