WordPress for Education

WordPress as an open source software is a great tool for the education industry worldwide. The huge amount of WordPress themes, both free and paid, combined with the thousands of niche-specific WordPress plugins make it easy to build any type of education website, from a small rural driving school website to a large learning management system (LMS).

It is no surprise then that WordPress is very popular for building elementary school websites, high school websites, dancing, music, driving and language school websites, university websites and any and all other types of education websites. On this page we provide an extensive amount of web design and WordPress resources for web designers, web developers, agencies and companies working in and for the education sector. You will find lists with the most used WordPress themes, the most popular WordPress plugins and many other useful resources.

We have several Education WordPress Themes with Google Fonts integrated directly into them. The selected fonts are automatically downloaded and are served locally, which is better for performance and complies with GDPR regulations.