WordPress for Churches

WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website for your church or temple. Thanks to WordPress’s popularity you can find thousands of free and premium website templates (called WordPress themes) for your new website. We have an updated list of the Top 100 most popular WordPress themes used by Churches.

We are monitoring over 240,000 unique church websites, 26.6% of which are powered by WordPress alone.

After picking a WordPress theme you will want to install and set up a couple of free (or paid) WordPress plugins. Think of plugins like you do with phone apps: they add extra functionality to your WordPress website.

Don’t know which plugins you need? See what other churches use on our Top 100 WordPress Plugins for Churches page.

We have several Church WordPress Themes with Google Fonts integrated directly into them. The selected fonts are automatically downloaded and are served locally, which is better for performance and complies with GDPR regulations.