The State of Themes and Plugins on in 2020

In this article I want to analyze the themes and plugins that are available in the official repository. I’m looking at the most liked and disliked themes and plugins, and at plugins that are larger than WordPress itself.

Some of you might recall that I did something similar in 2019 (An Analysis of 18,087 Plugins), but that was only for a subset of plugins. This post includes data about all plugins and themes too.

Besides looking at the obvious data points like active installations, ratings and support forum threads, I also wanted to bring attention to something that often goes unnoticed, and that is the disk size of themes and plugins. I’ve written on this topic back in 2019.

So I’ve included 3 more data points: disk size and the number of files and folders.

I decided to exclude all themes and plugins that haven’t been updated in the last 5 years. It reduced the total number of themes from 7,787 to 5,635 and the number of plugins from 58,000 to 38,896.

Quick Stats

  • Number of themes: 5,635 (13.23 GB)
  • Number of theme authors: 1,510.
  • Number of active theme installations: ~12.31 million.
  • Number of plugins: 38,896 (35.68 GB).
  • Number of plugin authors: 19,965.
  • Number of active plugin installations: ~246 million.

This post was written based on the state of the repository on September 3rd, 2020.


Table of Contents

  1. Themes Data
    1. Top 20 themes by total disk size
    2. Top 20 themes by number of files
    3. Top 20 themes by number of folders
    4. All themes (65) with more than 20,000 active installations
    5. Top 20 themes by number of ratings
    6. The worst rated themes (with at least 10 ratings)
    7. Theme ratings breakdown
    8. Top 20 theme authors by number of themes
    9. Top file extensions in themes
  2. Plugins Data
    1. Top 20 plugins by total disk size
    2. Top 20 plugins by number of files
    3. Top 20 plugins by number of folders
    4. All plugins (97) with more than 500,000 active installations
    5. Top 20 plugins by number of ratings
    6. The Top 100 worst rated plugins (with at least 25 ratings)
    7. Plugin ratings breakdown
    8. Top 20 plugins by number of support threads
    9. Top 20 plugin authors by number of plugins
    10. Top 100 most used words in plugin names
    11. Top file extensions in plugins
  3. Conclusions

1. Themes Data

The total size of themes (5,635) is 13.23 GB split across 516,659 files in 92,524 folders.

The total number of active theme installations is ~12.31 million.

To put things in perspective, keep in mind that version 5.5 of WordPress is 45.5 MB and contains 1,980 Files in 249 Folders.


1.1 Top 20 Themes by Total Disk Size

  • There are 9 themes that are larger than 15.0 MB.
  • There are 38 themes that are larger than 10.0 MB.
  • There are 454 themes that are larger than 5.0 MB.
1Crio21.24 MB959162700
2Simplenotes18.81 MB484500
3Customizr17.06 MB52010870,000
4Bizberg16.86 MB427732,000
5PHLOX16.34 MB6345840,000
6Grid Magazine16.31 MB858200
7devdmbootstrap416.01 MB1,73327300
8Radon15.15 MB1,71228200
9Genui15.06 MB948124300
10Herschel14.6 MB1,68318200
11BizFolio14.38 MB1,44523100
12Bootstrap Basic413.64 MB1,67924800
13Qoob13.09 MB360175100
14OceanWP13 MB57297600,000
15Hueman12.89 MB2906650,000
16Topcat Lite12.69 MB70956100
17Cactus12.52 MB383862,000
18GW Chariot12.33 MB1,41717100
19Virtue12.23 MB73311840,000
20Awada11.87 MB735119800

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1.2 Top 20 Themes by number of Files

  • There are 20 themes that have 800 files or more.
  • There are 32 themes that have 600 files or more.
  • There are 121 themes that have 400 files or more.
  • There are 403 themes that have 200 files or more.
1devdmbootstrap416.01 MB1,73327300
2Radon15.15 MB1,71228200
3Herschel14.6 MB1,68318200
4Bootstrap Basic413.64 MB1,67924800
5SwipeWP6.24 MB1,65644100
6InterServer Portfolio11.07 MB1,63116200
7Interserver Blog7.83 MB1,61120200
8BizFolio14.38 MB1,44523100
9activetab6.59 MB1,41724100
10GW Chariot12.33 MB1,41717100
11Interserver Platinum8.87 MB1,15626400
12Interserver Mommy Blog7.19 MB1,11016200
13BA Hotel light8.2 MB1,05129400
14Crio21.24 MB959162700
15Blocksy4.88 MB9571556,000
16Genui15.06 MB948124300
17WP Simple8 MB8561431,000
18Venture Lite8.89 MB846145500
19Simple Business WP7.98 MB845141500
20Taproot2.99 MB820340300

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1.3 Top 20 Themes by number of Folders

  • There are 37 themes that have 100 folders or more.
  • There are 93 themes that have 75 folders or more.
  • There are 317 themes that have 50 folders or more.
1Taproot2.99 MB820340300
2Gridd3.99 MB705228100
3The Journal5.35 MB564204400
4Qoob13.09 MB360175100
5Supernova4.99 MB662169900
6Crio21.24 MB959162700
7Blocksy4.88 MB9571556,000
8Influence Blog4.61 MB212146700
9Venture Lite8.89 MB846145500
10WP Simple8 MB8561431,000
11Simple Business WP7.98 MB845141500
12WeCodeArt3.15 MB31114130
13Monstroid2 Lite4.93 MB367140400
14Ascend10.52 MB6181244,000
15Genui15.06 MB948124300
16Awada11.87 MB735119800
17Lesse Lite5.52 MB572118100
18Virtue12.23 MB73311840,000
19TheNotes Lite6.54 MB479117100
20BootFrame Core7.11 MB590116600

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1.4 All Themes with more than 20,000 Active Installations

I did not want to have a very large table, so I decided to limit this list to themes that surpassed the 20,000 active installations mark.

  • There are only 9 non-default (Twenty *) themes active on more than 100,000 websites.
  • There are 120 non-default themes active on more than 10,000 websites.
  • There are 231 non-default themes active on more than 5,000 websites.
  • There are 670 non-default themes active on more than 2,000 websites.

ThemeIsle is the only company to have more than one theme with over 100,000 active installations.

1Astra4.5 MB4181131,000,000
2Twenty Seventeen1.2 MB59111,000,000
3Twenty Twenty1.72 MB62101,000,000
4OceanWP13 MB57297600,000
5Twenty Nineteen1.09 MB9225600,000
6GeneratePress1.98 MB10111300,000
7Hello Elementor443.17 KB224300,000
8Twenty Sixteen889.92 KB475300,000
9Storefront5.57 MB17234200,000
10Twenty Fifteen1 MB454200,000
11ColorMag4.56 MB29575100,000
12Hestia8.25 MB31990100,000
13Neve5.01 MB417101100,000
14Sydney3.73 MB13625100,000
15Twenty Eleven1.2 MB837100,000
16Twenty Fourteen1.36 MB637100,000
17Twenty Ten971.04 KB483100,000
18Twenty Twelve510.82 KB404100,000
19OnePress4.46 MB1541390,000
20Zerif Lite5.44 MB2093490,000
21Twenty Thirteen634.43 KB63780,000
22Customizr17.06 MB52010870,000
23Vantage3.75 MB2604970,000
24Shapely7.08 MB2566160,000
25Spacious3.6 MB1543060,000
26Total4.91 MB1161660,000
27Ashe5.58 MB952550,000
28Hueman12.89 MB2906650,000
29Zakra2.85 MB1975550,000
30Colibri WP9.88 MB2384140,000
31Customify6.07 MB3556440,000
32Go2.64 MB1512140,000
33Lightning10.4 MB3047240,000
34Mesmerize7.02 MB4266040,000
35PHLOX16.34 MB6345840,000
36Responsive11.53 MB3585840,000
37Sparkling5.35 MB1932740,000
38Virtue12.23 MB73311840,000
39Consulting3.75 MB1967130,000
40Flash4.59 MB3756230,000
41MH Magazine lite3.08 MB106830,000
42Rife Free5.03 MB2413530,000
43Shop Isle5.62 MB2967330,000
44Accelerate1.78 MB861620,000
45Airi2.86 MB1435220,000
46Ascension1.03 MB10220,000
47Bard5.62 MB791920,000
48Futurio1.84 MB531620,000
49Graphene9.68 MB4283420,000
50Hemingway667.02 KB21620,000
51Highlight3.39 MB581320,000
52Iconic One359.87 KB47620,000
53Kale3.95 MB941520,000
54NewsMag3.3 MB2367320,000
55Nirvana8.8 MB3092320,000
56Nisarg5.65 MB651120,000
57Oblique3.33 MB1382920,000
58One Page Express7.81 MB4818020,000
59Orfeo967.63 KB831620,000
60Page Builder Framework3.45 MB4468520,000
61Poseidon1.84 MB1161720,000
62Primer1.8 MB1431820,000
63Tempera5.75 MB2712320,000
64Uptown Style851.27 KB9220,000
65Velux1.12 MB20520,000

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1.5 Top 20 Themes by number of Ratings

  • There are only 4 themes that have over 1,000 ratings.
  • There are 41 themes that have 100 ratings or more.
  • There are 98 themes that have 50 ratings or more.
  • There are 528 themes that have 10 ratings or more.
  • There are 2,373 themes (42.11%) that have never been rated. These themes are active on 877,140+ websites (7.12% of total).
12Zerif Lite90,000331
17Custom Community2,000236

It is interesting to note that the 12 themes developed by the hosting provider GoDaddy and included in their hosting packages, are active on 184,500+ websites and have only 38 ratings in total. Take this information as you will.

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1.6 The worst rated themes (with at least 10 ratings)

#ThemeInstallsRatings1-2 Star RatingsAverage score
2Sensible WP6,00011560
4WP Simple1,00016862
8Flat Responsive2,00013570
11Twenty Nineteen600,000581874

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1.7 Theme Ratings Breakdown

  • There are only 39,742 theme ratings in total.
  • There are 1,091 themes (19.3%) with a single rating.
  • 93% of theme ratings are positive.
  • Astra and OceanWP make up 21.81% of all theme ratings on
All Theme Ratings


Themes with only 1 Rating

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1.8 Top 20 Theme Authors by number of Themes

Total number of theme developers (accounts): 1,510

  • There are 26 developers with 30 themes or more.
  • There are 55 developers with 20 themes or more.
  • There are 127 developers with 10 themes or more.
  • There are 255 developers with 5 themes or more.
  • There are 861 developers with only 1 theme.

Most theme authors with more than 20 themes (51 out of 55) have a total number of active installations under 100,000 websites.

The Installs P/T column shows the average number of active installations per theme.

#AuthorThemesTotal InstallsInstalls P/TRatings

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1.9 Top File Extensions in Themes

I decided to include this data too. If you found this useful, please let me know in the comments section :)

Image files make up almost half of the total disk size of themes.
PNG (3.25GB – 24.55%) + SVG (2.05GB – 15.47%) + JPG (1.19GB – 9.01%) = 6.49GB – 49.03%.

#ExtensionFilesFiles %Files SizeSize %
1php211,42940.92%1.04 GB7.85%
2js65,71012.72%1.17 GB8.82%
3css50,1609.71%1.3 GB9.82%
4png48,0539.30%3.25 GB24.55%
5svg30,2455.85%2.05 GB15.47%
6scss19,3333.74%60.14 MB0.44%
7jpg10,8012.09%1.19 GB9.01%
8txt10,2211.98%68.86 MB0.51%
9woff8,0181.55%430.9 MB3.18%
10ttf7,7981.51%751.72 MB5.55%
11eot7,4491.44%584.2 MB4.31%
12mo6,3021.22%64.66 MB0.48%
13less6,0191.16%25.31 MB0.19%
14woff25,8871.14%285.97 MB2.11%
15po5,7241.11%120.32 MB0.89%
16pot3,9720.77%68.43 MB0.50%
17gif3,8300.74%30.02 MB0.22%
18otf2,6500.51%305.65 MB2.26%
19md1,7170.33%17.15 MB0.13%
20html1,7080.33%19.29 MB0.14%
21json1,3170.25%118.98 MB0.88%
22map1,1440.22%128.08 MB0.95%

2. Plugins Data

The total size of plugins (38,896) is 35.68 GB split across 2,453,671 files in 459,711 folders.

Total number of active plugin installations is ~246 million.

A little more than 16% of plugins (6,414) have never been updated since their initial release. These plugins have a total of 420,900+ active installations.

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A reminder that version 5.5 of WordPress is 45.5 MB and contains 1,980 Files in 249 Folders.


2.1 Top 20 Plugins by Total Disk Size

There are 4 plugins that are larger than 100.0 MB.
There are 14 plugins that are larger than 50.0 MB.
There are 109 plugins that are larger than 25.0 MB.
There are 312 plugins that are larger than 15.0 MB.
There are 651 plugins that are larger than 10.0 MB.

1Awesome Support – WordPress HelpDesk & Support Plugin109.34 MB1,14918210,000
2Bg forReaders107.68 MB7632760
3Skytells Guard – All-In-One Security Pack101.3 MB1,0411990
4Thrinacia Atlas CrowdFunding100.52 MB2,89342610
5Awesome Event Booking95.87 MB77393100
6Send PDF for Contact Form 793.55 MB653769,000
7Web To Print Shop : uDraw82.79 MB3,075345200
8HoweScape Unity3d WebGL78.97 MB9516300
9Limelight Checkout71.04 MB47410140
10Reuse Builder64.42 MB41369400
11Woocommerce Multi Warehouses – Location Based Inventory Management59.43 MB1114040
12Доставка КСЭ для WooCommerce54.21 MB46130
13DPD in Russia – Shipping for WooCommerce53.99 MB460159100
14WZone – Lite Version53.1 MB1,1251322,000
15Docket WP47.52 MB303290
16Limelight Forms46.85 MB3479620
17Media Cloud for Amazon S3, Imgix, Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces and more46.78 MB4,4932,5945,000
18WP – The Perfect WordPress Markdown Editor46.06 MB2,5303313,000
19Point of Sale POS for WooCommerce46 MB36640700
20Awesome Studio44.72 MB8,72461430

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2.2 Top 20 Plugins by number of Files

There are 6 plugins that have 10,000 files or more.
There are 15 plugins that have 5,000 files or more.
There are 83 plugins that have 2,000 files or more.
There are 86 plugins that have more files than WordPress itself.
There are 348 plugins that have 1,000 files or more.

1Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin34.61 MB13,53361080,000
2GOAuth32.35 MB12,1225470
3Grid Social Boxes30.16 MB12,10255010
4Google Sheets Integration for Caldera Forms28.14 MB11,6435115,000
5Order Receipt Print for WooCommerce Google Cloud Print26.12 MB10,4494981,000
6Sufias Daily Gift33.97 MB10,0208500
7CF7 Spreadsheets24.1 MB9,894483700
8Awesome Studio44.72 MB8,72461430
9Civic Job Posting20.02 MB7,8784210
10WP Keliosis32.14 MB6,479470
11Authorizer19.36 MB6,4334413,000
12Compressed Emoji9.09 MB6,2183100
13Responsive cropped Yummy images, pictures and thumbnails15.89 MB5,8485650
14Matomo Analytics – Ethical Stats. Powerful Insights.40.84 MB5,5669969,000
15OkuPanel20.47 MB5,18539410
16Backup, Restore and Migrate WordPress Sites With the XCloner Plugin35.02 MB4,68998940,000
17Wubtitle13.43 MB4,6541730
18Google Adwords – Optimize Your Campaigns – Google Shopping – Google Ads25.64 MB4,64961630
19Media Cloud for Amazon S3, Imgix, Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces and more46.78 MB4,4932,5945,000
20UCM Files Manager Addon (UCM FM)28.92 MB4,4921,3230

The Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin with its 13,533 files and 80,000+ active installations means that there are over 1 billion files hosted worldwide just for this plugin.
The WooCommerce plugin with its 2,988 files and 5,000,000+ active installations means that there are close to 15 billion files hosted worldwide for it.

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2.3 Top 20 Plugins by number of Folders

There are 5 plugins that have 1,000 folders or more.
There are 56 plugins that have 500 folders or more.
There are 178 plugins that have 250 folders or more.

1Media Cloud for Amazon S3, Imgix, Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces and more46.78 MB4,4932,5945,000
2AWS for WordPress29.61 MB2,9051,4409,000
3UCM Files Manager Addon (UCM FM)28.92 MB4,4921,3230
4Say It!20.92 MB2,1451,11870
5WordPress Media Storage to Cloud for Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean and More22.3 MB2,1201,11250
6Matomo Analytics – Ethical Stats. Powerful Insights.40.84 MB5,5669969,000
7WP on AWS19.11 MB1,64399510
8AWS S3 for WordPress Plugin – Upcasted20.09 MB1,6829920
9Backup, Restore and Migrate WordPress Sites With the XCloner Plugin35.02 MB4,68998940,000
10NexLogiQ Amazon S3 Links Generator16.7 MB1,5149780
11DreamObjects Backups16.4 MB1,5829742,000
12WordPress Amazon S3 – Wasabi Smart File Uploads Plugin18.82 MB1,50696350
13SyncS3 Lite15.82 MB1,5459620
14WC Download Products from AWS S315.67 MB1,4779610
15Nomore404 404 Redirection and Firewall17.15 MB1,4379590
16Saber TTS (Text-to-Speech)16.68 MB1,4319540
17Sync media with AWS S3 CloudFront15.93 MB1,3969350
18Ultimate Media On The Cloud Lite17.74 MB1,8508810
19Sufias Daily Gift33.97 MB10,0208500
20DigitalOcean Spaces Sync14.27 MB1,8898271,000

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2.4 All Plugins (97) with more than 500,000 Active Installations

There are only 7 plugins active on more than 5,000,000 websites.
There are 19 plugins active on more than 2,000,000 websites.
There are 48 plugins active on more than 1,000,000 websites.
There are 97 plugins active on more than 500,000 websites.
There are 400 plugins active on more than 100,000 websites.
There are 706 plugins active on more than 50,000 websites.

1Akismet Anti-Spam231.19 KB2735,000,000
2Classic Editor59.73 KB415,000,000
3Contact Form 7539.06 KB80155,000,000
4Elementor Page Builder16.84 MB5341325,000,000
5Jetpack by WordPress.com19.05 MB1,5533165,000,000
6WooCommerce32.63 MB2,9885375,000,000
7Yoast SEO10.78 MB1,1791625,000,000
8Really Simple SSL835.89 KB67164,000,000
9WordPress Importer83.83 KB914,000,000
10Duplicate Post133.84 KB1213,000,000
11Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan11.93 MB6651123,000,000
12Contact Form by WPForms – Drag & Drop Form Builder for WordPress11.44 MB7391583,000,000
13All in One SEO Pack2.99 MB211332,000,000
14All-in-One WP Migration1.07 MB170302,000,000
15Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights7.29 MB215422,000,000
16Google XML Sitemaps1.86 MB8422,000,000
17TinyMCE Advanced768.52 KB85222,000,000
18UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin24.18 MB1,3532042,000,000
19WP Super Cache2.82 MB6032,000,000
20Advanced Custom Fields7.02 MB232231,000,000
21Autoptimize743.72 KB72121,000,000
22Better Search Replace240.68 KB4681,000,000
23Coming Soon Page, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd4.41 MB151241,000,000
24Cookie Notice for GDPR & CCPA147.86 KB1741,000,000
25Disable Comments202.36 KB3241,000,000
26Duplicate Page78.05 KB1641,000,000
27Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin6.07 MB312511,000,000
28Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (formerly GADWP)11.32 MB225421,000,000
29Insert Headers and Footers24.19 KB621,000,000
30Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed1.36 MB9291,000,000
31Limit Login Attempts Reloaded367.59 KB4991,000,000
32LiteSpeed Cache6.05 MB258291,000,000
33Loco Translate1.24 MB276571,000,000
34Loginizer637.6 KB1821,000,000
35MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress3.13 MB175381,000,000
36Ninja Forms Contact Form – The Drag and Drop Form Builder for WordPress19.19 MB9341101,000,000
37One Click Demo Import272.91 KB34111,000,000
38Marketing Toolkit by OptinMonster – Popups, Email Optin Forms & Newsletter Subscribers7.61 MB157131,000,000
39Redirection4.31 MB149111,000,000
40Regenerate Thumbnails222.13 KB1051,000,000
41Page Builder by SiteOrigin1.14 MB134461,000,000
42SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle6.99 MB4391651,000,000
43W3 Total Cache9.76 MB1,3191331,000,000
44WooCommerce Services4.42 MB28581,000,000
45ManageWP Worker1.98 MB343641,000,000
46WP Fastest Cache1.2 MB134121,000,000
47WP Mail SMTP by WPForms6.25 MB7331161,000,000
48Smush – Compress, Image Optimizer, Lazy Load, WebP Images4.73 MB205641,000,000
49iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)4.76 MB1,017210900,000
50Redux Framework17.52 MB728138900,000
51SG Optimizer4.89 MB69653900,000
52WP Multibyte Patch41.24 KB114900,000
53WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache.6.47 MB801139900,000
54All In One WP Security & Firewall3.79 MB10612800,000
55Breadcrumb NavXT258.09 KB242800,000
56GDPR Cookie Consent1.47 MB9631800,000
57Custom Post Type UI518.71 KB256800,000
58EWWW Image Optimizer16.19 MB15111800,000
59Facebook for WooCommerce1.17 MB13160800,000
60Hello Dolly3.14 KB20800,000
61Mailchimp for WooCommerce1.76 MB23955800,000
62MetaSlider15.92 MB950215800,000
63WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery10.73 MB1,443207800,000
64WordPress Shortcodes Plugin — Shortcodes Ultimate3.02 MB25949800,000
65TablePress1009.35 KB14914800,000
66The Events Calendar21.94 MB1,666307800,000
67WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway691.04 KB4411800,000
68Broken Link Checker3.24 MB14615700,000
69Really Simple CAPTCHA2.09 MB162700,000
70Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening1017.14 KB1547700,000
71WooCommerce Admin14.46 MB49263700,000
72WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway665.36 KB8014700,000
73WP Maintenance Mode6.34 MB11811700,000
74WP-PageNavi100.96 KB201700,000
75WPS Hide Login147.91 KB4010700,000
76YITH WooCommerce Wishlist6.27 MB31645700,000
77Starter Templates – Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg & Brizy Templates2.26 MB12930600,000
78BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin11.63 MB1,577308600,000
79Black Studio TinyMCE Widget338.81 KB854600,000
80Essential Addons for Elementor8.27 MB33157600,000
81Flamingo122.45 KB286600,000
82Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks Template742.51 KB11533600,000
83Ocean Extra9.5 MB670108600,000
84Smart Slider 310.68 MB870337600,000
85User Role Editor990.18 KB757600,000
86File Manager10.78 MB867189600,000
87AddToAny Share Buttons694.97 KB1832500,000
88AMP4.75 MB39473500,000
89Antispam Bee258.25 KB193500,000
90Disable Gutenberg1001.88 KB208500,000
91Force Regenerate Thumbnails0 B00500,000
92Site Kit by Google8.31 MB952121500,000
93Meta Box – WordPress Custom Fields Framework754.74 KB24623500,000
94Polylang1.81 MB44636500,000
95Popup Maker – Popup Forms, Opt-ins & More4.92 MB47079500,000
96Post Types Order180.56 KB186500,000
97WP Statistics8.78 MB904101500,000

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2.5 Top 20 Plugins by number of Ratings

  • There are only 8 plugins that have 5,000 ratings or more.
  • There are 26 plugins that have 2,000 ratings or more.
  • There are 68 plugins that have 1,000 ratings or more.
  • There are 146 plugins that have 500 ratings or more.
  • There are 299 plugins that have 250 ratings or more.
  • There are 767 plugins that have 100 ratings or more.
  • There are 17,439 plugins (44.83%) that have never been rated. These plugins have 2.32+ million active installations (0.94% of total).
1Yoast SEO5,000,00027,213
2Contact Form by WPForms – Drag & Drop Form Builder for WordPress3,000,0007,206
3All-in-One WP Migration2,000,0006,375
4WordPress Shortcodes Plugin — Shortcodes Ultimate800,0005,397
5Elementor Page Builder5,000,0005,359
6Really Simple SSL4,000,0005,229
7Smush – Compress, Image Optimizer, Lazy Load, WebP Images1,000,0005,127
8Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons200,0005,006
9W3 Total Cache1,000,0004,537
10Popup Maker – Popup Forms, Opt-ins & More500,0004,037
12Coming Soon Page, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd1,000,0003,833
13iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)900,0003,830
14UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin2,000,0003,609
16WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery800,0003,589
17Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan3,000,0003,570
18WP Fastest Cache1,000,0003,161
20Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed1,000,0002,923

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2.6 The Top 100 Worst Rated Plugins (with at least 25 ratings)

The purpose of this is info is to provide some product research ideas, and not to shame the developers of these plugins.

#PluginInstallsRatings1-2 Star RatingsAverage score
1Premium Social Login with Social Data Integration (Paid)900393822
2Campaign Monitor for WordPress4,000332832
3WooCommerce Square90,000574632
5Constant Contact for WordPress4,000634144
6WooCommerce Services1,000,000523546
7WP CleanFix2,000261646
8Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (formerly GADWP)1,000,0001,39389048
9Mercado Pago payments for WooCommerce50,0001308448
10Spam Free WordPress9,000432848
11WooCommerce Blocks200,000412648
12WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway800,000835248
13The Official Facebook Chat Plugin80,000503150
14Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress: WP Quiz10,000362052
15Instant Articles for WP40,000875052
16Pinterest Pin It Button For Images5,000352052
18WooCommerce PayPal Powered by Braintree Payment Gateway50,000412552
19Bulk Attribute Manager For Woocommerce1,000261554
21Facebook for WooCommerce800,0001146454
22Hello Dolly800,00022512954
23A2 Optimized WP50,000291656
24Disqus Comment System100,00019410156
25MailChimp List Subscribe Form100,000703656
26Network Publisher1,000271556
28Crowdsignal Polls & Ratings10,000311458
29Dynamic Product Gallery for WooCommerce5,000341758
30Live Chat from ClickDesk – Live Chat – Help Desk Plugin for Websites2,000402058
31Master Accordion ( Former WP Awesome FAQ Plugin )3,000291358
32Social Sharing Toolkit9,0001035258
33YITH WooCommerce Social Login10,000351758
34Constant Contact Forms40,000582960
37Lingotek Translation30,000311260
38Poll, Survey, Questionnaire and Voting system1,000321760
40TheCartPress eCommerce Shopping Cart500271460
41WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration100,000793760
42WOW Slider10,000974560
43Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin2,000753462
44Cimy User Extra Fields10,000351562
47JTRT Responsive Tables5,000331462
48NextGEN Gallery Optimizer6,000291462
49Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX Plugin10,000291362
50Pricing Table4,000884362
51Printful Integration for WooCommerce40,000271362
52Product Sort and Display for WooCommerce5,000442162
53WordPress Importer4,000,00029013362
54WP Author, Date and Meta Remover20,000271362
55WPB Product Quick View Popup for WooCommerce3,000271262
56YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards6,000291362
57Blogger Importer100,000481864
58Exploit Scanner30,000401764
59HC Custom WP-Admin URL20,000441864
60IMPress for IDX Broker10,000291164
61Link Checker10,000261064
62Native Lazyload10,000271264
63Predictive Search for WooCommerce3,000462064
64Sell Media1,000431764
65Woocommerce Payment Gateway per Product Premium1,000261164
66WP Deferred JavaScripts5,000351764
67WP Email Template4,000341464
68WP Meetup600321264
69YITH WooCommerce Badge Management10,000522464
70Contact Form Builder by vCita3,000431866
71Custom My Account for Woocommerce4,000512066
72Documentor – Create Product Documentation1,000391766
73Far Future Expiry Header20,000281166
74GetResponse for WordPress10,000321366
75Gravity Forms Directory3,000351366
76New User Approve20,000431666
77PHP Compatibility Checker200,000843566
78Social Shop for WooCommerce4,000271266
79Uji Countdown10,000501966
80WooCommerce Amazon & eBay Integration – Codisto LINQ by Codisto800281266
81WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare60,0001696966
82WP Amazon Shop for Dropshipping & Affiliation4,000291166
83WP-Invoice – Web Invoice and Billing3,000592466
84Aspose.Words Exporter3,000361368
85Event Tickets40,000692868
86Google Analytics300,0001174468
87Google Places Reviews6,000431668
88Lightbox Gallery30,000431668
89LionScripts: IP Blocker Lite2,000271068
90Social Gallery Lite20028968
91TechGasp Comments Master500351468
92Twitter Widget Pro10,000652568
93WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway700,000742668
94WordPress Mobile Pack – Mobile Plugin for Progressive Web Apps & Hybrid Mobile Apps7,000702668
95WP eCommerce10,0002589468
96WP-Property – WordPress Powered Real Estate and Property Management4,000782968
97YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search70,000431768
98Yotpo: Product & Photo Reviews for WooCommerce4,000421568
99Agy – Age verification for WooCommerce3,00026970
100BuddyPress Like3,00026970

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2.7 Plugin Ratings Breakdown

  • There are 543,961 plugin ratings in total.
  • There are 6,060 plugins (15.5%) with a single rating.
All Plugin Ratings


Ratings for Plugins with only 1 rating

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2.8 Top 20 Plugins by number of Support Threads

Total number of support threads created in the last 2 months is 52,968 (882 per day).

There are only 4 plugins that have over 500 new forum threads.
There are 11 plugins that have over 250 new forum threads.
There are 47 plugins that have over 100 new forum threads.
There are 128 plugins that have over 50 new forum threads.
There are 293 plugins that have over 25 new forum threads.

More than 8% of all new support threads on are for WooCommerce and WooCommerce-related plugins.

Last week published an interesting article on the topic of premium themes and plugins being supported via WordPress Support Team Seeks to Curb Support Requests for Commercial Plugins and Themes.

#PluginInstallsRatingsSupport Threads
2Yoast SEO5,000,00027,213822
3Contact Form 75,000,0001,789580
4Ultimate Member – User Profile & Membership Plugin100,0001,038504
5Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan3,000,0003,570400
6LiteSpeed Cache1,000,0001,123329
7Jetpack by WordPress.com5,000,0001,516326
8WCFM – Frontend Manager for WooCommerce along with Bookings Subscription Listings Compatible20,000154305
11Elementor Page Builder5,000,0005,359253
12Site Kit by Google500,000153248
13WCFM Marketplace – Best Multivendor Marketplace for WooCommerce20,000175232
14TranslatePress – Translate Multilingual sites100,000231227
15WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips200,000946210
16Facebook for WooCommerce800,000114207
17UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin2,000,0003,609204
18MailPoet – emails and newsletters in WordPress100,000833202
19AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages100,000964198
20WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math400,0001,618198

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2.9 Top 20 Plugins Authors by number of Plugins

Total number of plugin authors: 19,965

There are 7 developers with 50 plugins or more.
There are 28 developers with 30 plugins or more.
There are 96 developers with 20 plugins or more.
There are 429 developers with 10 plugins or more.
There are 1,235 developers with 3 plugins.
There are 2,989 developers with 2 plugins.
There are 13,641 developers with 1 plugin.

The Installs P/P column shows the average number of active installations per plugin.

#AuthorPluginsTotal InstallsInstalls P/PRatings
2Peter Shaw10810,39096100
3Scott Reilly63122,3601,942313
5Katsushi Kawamori6136,850604181
6AccessPress Themes57298,9605,245361
7Gopi Ramasamy5642,000750116
10Algoritmika Ltd4226,680635122
11WP OnlineSupport41313,3007,641727
16Fahad Mahmood3634,360954385
19Brainstorm Force352,003,84057,2531,515

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2.10 Top 100 Most used Words in Plugin Names

  1. woocommerce – 3,611
  2. widget – 1,163
  3. post – 1,084
  4. simple – 915
  5. custom – 903
  6. form – 811
  7. page – 732
  8. image – 730
  9. easy – 716
  10. social – 654
  11. contact – 623
  12. product – 606
  13. manager – 575
  14. posts – 573
  15. gateway – 573
  16. payment – 559
  17. slider – 552
  18. google – 544
  19. login – 513
  20. gallery – 503
  21. admin – 495
  22. builder – 479
  23. content – 469
  24. forms – 464
  25. integration – 451
  26. user – 427
  27. menu – 406
  28. elementor – 389
  29. lite – 378
  30. email – 373
  31. search – 373
  32. block – 363
  33. media – 352
  34. shortcode – 350
  35. advanced – 347
  36. woo – 344
  37. responsive – 337
  38. seo – 310
  39. video – 302
  40. analytics – 284
  41. chat – 280
  42. live – 280
  43. add – 279
  44. button – 268
  45. bar – 268
  46. popup – 266
  47. disable – 264
  48. order – 263
  49. category – 262
  50. blocks – 252
  51. list – 249
  52. theme – 245
  53. link – 241
  54. free – 238
  55. feed – 238
  56. gravity – 237
  57. editor – 236
  58. shipping – 236
  59. api – 233
  60. pro – 233
  61. comments – 229
  62. share – 226
  63. auto – 225
  64. images – 216
  65. cart – 212
  66. widgets – 207
  67. calendar – 206
  68. products – 206
  69. links – 203
  70. ultimate – 199
  71. remove – 198
  72. checkout – 197
  73. featured – 195
  74. embed – 193
  75. your – 192
  76. site – 192
  77. gutenberg – 190
  78. digital – 188
  79. pages – 185
  80. shortcodes – 185
  81. generator – 184
  82. hide – 182
  83. text – 182
  84. booking – 182
  85. buttons – 182
  86. code – 182
  87. redirect – 181
  88. comment – 181
  89. dashboard – 179
  90. fields – 178
  91. display – 173
  92. events – 172
  93. mobile – 170
  94. scroll – 170
  95. add-on – 167
  96. box – 167
  97. web – 165
  98. map – 164
  99. all – 163
  100. import – 161

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2.11 Top File Extensions in Plugins

I decided to include this data too. If you found this useful, please let me know in the comments section :)

#ExtensionFilesFiles %Files SizeSize %
1php1,229,44050.11%7.82 GB21.92%
2png243,9759.94%3.98 GB11.15%
3js229,5319.35%5.9 GB16.53%
4css111,7904.56%1.81 GB5.08%
5svg98,3484.01%2.39 GB6.69%
6mo57,0622.33%871.12 MB2.38%
7po53,2842.17%1.64 GB4.60%
8txt48,5491.98%552.74 MB1.51%
9json41,5901.70%828.81 MB2.27%
10scss33,6301.37%105.24 MB0.29%
11md27,9681.14%189.72 MB0.52%
12jpg25,3891.03%1.53 GB4.28%
13html23,6940.97%161.01 MB0.44%
14gif23,0470.94%499.92 MB1.37%
15dat13,3090.54%242.66 MB0.66%
16ttf11,0740.45%1.65 GB4.64%
17pot10,2860.42%196.94 MB0.54%
18test9,7600.40%4.75 MB0.01%
19map9,5740.39%1.1 GB3.08%
20woff9,0810.37%460.91 MB1.26%
21eot8,0580.33%606.19 MB1.66%
22xml7,9250.32%270.83 MB0.74%
23less7,6860.31%42.37 MB0.12%
24rst6,2630.26%17.31 MB0.05%
25woff26,1750.25%288.79 MB0.79%
26yml6,1650.25%28.36 MB0.08%
27ts4,1400.17%10.5 MB0.03%
28gitignore3,9850.16%477.04 KB0.00%
29phpt3,2450.13%2.98 MB0.01%
30dist2,7600.11%2.38 MB0.01%
31twig2,6940.11%5.72 MB0.02%
32bcmap2,6880.11%17.79 MB0.05%

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3. Conclusions

I’m glad to see that 93% of theme reviews and 89% of plugin reviews are positive.
The Gutenberg plugin represents about 5% of all negative plugin reviews on Take what you will from this information.

The total number of plugin ratings (543,961) divided by the number of plugins (38,896) equals ~13.98.
The total number of theme ratings (39,742) divided by the number of themes (5,635) equals ~7.05.
This means that on average plugins receive twice as many reviews as themes.

Looking at these numbers it becomes clear why plugin developers are generally treated better than theme developers by the admins.

If you want to build a new business around WordPress, themes should probably be at the bottom of your ideas list.

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