Testimonial Slider WordPress Plugin Tutorial – Not the Best, Not the Worst

The Testimonial Slider plugin allows you to display testimonials on your WordPress website. It is active on more than 20,000 websites.

The plugin can be installed from the WordPress Dashboard. Search for Testimonial Slider.

When you activate the plugin for the first time, you will see a welcome page with a Getting Started video and an ad for the PRO version of the plugin.

You will also see a new Testimonial section in the Dashboard.

The Settings page has only 1 option, the ability to change the testimonials slug.

The free version of this plugin doesn’t allow you to collect testimonials directly from your visitors. You have to add them yourself from the Dashboard. I’ll quickly create some testimonials in order to have something to display.

Now open the ShortCode page and create a New One. There are two layout types, each with 2 layout styles.

You can set the number of columns on Desktop, on Tablets and on Mobile devices.

At the bottom of the page you can see a rough preview of what testimonials will probably look like, but that look is affected by your theme too.

Once you’re happy with your options, Publish your shortcode.

I will create a second shortcode for the second layout type.

Now create or edit an existing page and add the Testimonials block.

On the right select your newly created shortcode.

I will add my second shortcode to the same page.

Publish your changes and open the page (the screenshots use the Leonardo WordPress Theme).

You can see the two types of layouts, which can be customized to better fit your theme’s width and the number of testimonials. I will change the number of columns on desktop to fit my even number of testimonials.

This plugin will load 3 CSS and 3 JavaScript files on pages that contain your testimonials. But it will also load one CSS file on all the other pages of your website, even when that is unnecessary. That’s not ideal.

This is not the best testimonials plugin that I have reviewed, but it’s not the worst one either.

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