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With 2023 quickly approaching, I decided to take a look at the free WordPress plugins that were released in the official repository in the last 12 months. Is there any useful information that we can learn from? Let’s find out.

I have a similar analysis of the Top WordPress Themes Released in 2022 on

DISCLAIMER: This post was initially published with data that included plugins released in 2021 and 2022. The numbers have been corrected ~45 minutes after publication.

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1. Data set

A few things before we look at the data.

  • The data set includes a total of 4,195 plugins that went live in the repository between December 1st 2021 and December 1st 2022.
  • All the data was pulled from on the 7th of December 2022.

2. WordPress Plugins Sorted by Active Installations

  • All 4,195 plugins are active on 1,032,100+ websites;
  • Only 7 plugins are active on more than 50,000 websites;
  • Only 104 plugins are active on more than 1,000 websites;
  • 1,219 plugins (29%) have never been updated and are active on 28,290+ websites (2.75%).
WordPress Plugins released in 2022 – sorted by active installations
1Backuply – Backup, Restore, Migrate and Clone80,000Softaculous
2Local Google Fonts80,000EverPress
3Variation Swatches for WooCommerce by CartFlows80,000CartFlows
4Extendify — Gutenberg Patterns and Templates70,000Extendify
5Aruba HiSpeed Cache50,
6Burst Statistics – Privacy-Friendly Analytics for WordPress50,000Really Simple Plugins
7IndexNow Plugin50,000Microsoft Bing
8Jetpack Protect40,000Automattic
10Performance Lab30,000WordPress Performance Group
11Depicter – Modern Responsive Touch Slider20,000Averta
1210Web Booster – Website speed optimization & Page Speed optimizer20,00010Web
13FULL – Customer10,000FULL.
14Greenshift – animation and page builder blocks10,000Wpsoul
15Gutenverse – Advanced Addons for Gutenberg/Fullsite Editing10,000Jegstudio
16Thrive Automator10,000Thrive Themes
17WPZOOM Portfolio10,000WPZOOM
18Kubio Page Builder9,000ExtendThemes
19eCommerce Companion8,000sellerthemes
20Jetpack Social8,000Automattic
22Gutenberg Blocks by BlockArt – Gutenberg Editor, Website Builder, Page Builder with Sections, Template Library & Starter Sites7,000WPBlockArt
23TH Side Cart and Menu Cart for Woocommerce7,000ThemeHunk
24EXMAGE – WordPress Image Links6,000VillaTheme(
26WP2Speed Faster – Optimize PageSpeed Insights Score 90-1006,000Wp2speed
27Bosa Elementor for WooCommerce5,000Bosa Themes
28Payment Plugins for PayPal WooCommerce5,000Payment Plugins,
29Classic Menu Block4,000Jonathan Harris
30Starter Templates by Gradient Themes4,000gradientthemes
31Link Juice Optimizer4,000Fede Gómez
32Qi Blocks4,000Qode Interactive
33Specia Companion4,000specia
34Th Product Compare4,000ThemeHunk
35Thim Elementor Kit4,000ThimPress
36Arile Super3,000ThemeArile
37Database Cleaner and Optimizer (Built for 2022+)3,000Jordy Meow
38Legal Text Connector of the IT-Recht Kanzlei3,000IT-Recht Kanzlei
39LottieFiles – Lottie block for Gutenberg3,000LottieFiles
40LWS Hide Login3,000LWS
41LWS Tools3,000LWS
42SellKit – Funnel builder and checkout optimizer for WooCommerce to sell more, faster3,000Artbees
43Spice Social Share3,000Spicethemes
44WordPress Ecommerce For Creating Fast Online Stores – By SureCart3,000SureCart
45Unlimited Elementor Inner Sections By BoomDevs3,000BoomDevs
46Custom Cursor For WP2,000Softices
47Custom links in Elementor Image Carousel2,000Charlie Etienne
48Custom Order Statuses for WooCommerce2,000Nuggethon
49Disable Login Language Switcher2,000Dominik Schilling
50Doubly – Cross Domain Copy Paste for WordPress2,000Unlimited Elements
51Lottie Player block – Implement Lottie animations.2,000bPlugins LLC
52ePayco plugin for WooCommerce2,000ePayco
53EventON2,000Ashan Jay
54Independent Analytics2,000Independent Analytics
55Packeta2,000Zásilkovna s.r.o. módulo para WooCommerce2,
57Pdf Embed2,000Formello
58Database Management tool – Adminer2,000Pexle Chris
59reCAPTCHA for WooCommerce Checkout2,000RelyWP
60Surfer – WordPress Plugin2,000SurferSEO
61Surge2,000Konstantin Kovshenin
62Trusted Shops Easy Integration for WooCommerce2,000vendidero
63Update URLs2,000kaizencoders
64Checkout with Zelle on Woocommerce2,000The African Boss
6551la Analysis1,
66Animated Text Block – Apply animation on any text.1,000bPlugins LLC
67Auto YouTube Importer1,000SecondLineThemes
68BackupSheep WordPress Backup Plugin1,000BackupSheep.Com, Bilal Ahmed
69Custom Order Status Manager for WooCommerce1,000Bright Plugins
70Bricks Navigator1,000Sridhar Katakam
71BTCPay for WooCommerce V21,000BTCPay Server
72Code Profiler – WordPress Performance Profiling and Debugging Made Easy1,000Jerome Bruandet ~ NinTechNet Ltd.
73Connect Contact Form 7 to Social App1,000Geek Code Lab
74Copymatic – AI Content Writer & Generator1,000Copymatic
75Pay With MetaMask For WooCommerce – Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway1,000Cool Plugins
76Dark Mode Toggle1,000ScriptsTown
77DarkMySite – WP Dark Mode1,000DarkMySite – WP Dark Mode
78Desert Companion1,000Desertthemes
79DHL Parcel for WooCommerce1,000DHL Parcel
80DirectoryPress Frontend1,000Designinvento
81EazyDocs – #1 Powerful & Beautiful Documentation Builder1,000spider-themes
82Envo Extra1,000EnvoThemes
84Contact Form Plugin – Drag & Drop Form Builder for WordPress by Forminix1,000Forminix
85GDPRess | Eliminate external requests to increase GDPR compliance1,000Daan from FFW.Press
86GetGenie – Content AI, SEO Keywords Analysis and Competitor Analysis with its AI Magic1,000getgenieai
87Icon List Block – Use icons instead of bullets of list.1,000bPlugins LLC
88Integrate Google Drive – Complete Google Drive Cloud Solution For WordPress1,000Prince
89LWS Affiliation1,000LWS
90No Nonsense1,000Room 34 Creative Services, LLC
91Page Section For Themereviewer1,000reviewexchanger
92Panda Video1,000Panda Video
93PhonePe Payment Solutions1,000PhonePe
94Plethora Plugins Tabs + Accordions1,000Plethora Plugins
95Relevanssi Live Ajax Search1,000Mikko Saari
96Replace Google Fonts with Bunny Fonts1,000antonioleutsch
97Restore PayPal Standard For WooCommerce: enable PayPal Standard as a payment method for WooCommerce1,000Jose Mortellaro
98Simple Cloudflare Turnstile — The new user-friendly alternative to CAPTCHA1,000RelyWP
99Social Feed Block1,000bPlugins LLC
100Social Sharing Block1,000Nick Diego
101SQL Buddy – Database Management Made Easy1,000Delicious Brains
102Sticky Floating Forms Lite1,000Code Work Web
103WPElemento Importer1,000wpelemento
104YouCan Pay1,000YouCan Pay

16 out of the top 104 plugins have WooCommerce in their name.
4 out of the top 104 plugins have Elementor in their name.

3. WordPress Plugins Sorted by Ratings (Reviews)

  • 3,018 plugins (71.94%) have zero ratings and are active on 160,580+ websites (15.55%);
  • The other 1,177 plugins have collected a total of 3,258 ratings;
  • 647 plugins (15.4%) have only one rating.
WordPress Plugins released in 2022 – sorted by the quantity of ratings
1Visual Collaboration For Project Management – Atarim700121
2WordPress Ecommerce For Creating Fast Online Stores – By SureCart3,00086
3Depicter – Modern Responsive Touch Slider20,00073
410Web Booster – Website speed optimization & Page Speed optimizer20,00072
5Local Google Fonts80,00058
6Gutenverse – Advanced Addons for Gutenberg/Fullsite Editing10,00039
7Burst Statistics – Privacy-Friendly Analytics for WordPress50,00036
8Database Cleaner and Optimizer (Built for 2022+)3,00035
9Simple Cloudflare Turnstile — The new user-friendly alternative to CAPTCHA1,00030
10Bertha AI70024
12Greenshift – animation and page builder blocks10,00022
13Custom Fields and Price Calculator for WooCommerce (Product Addons)40020
14IndexNow Plugin50,00019
15Payment Plugins for PayPal WooCommerce5,00019
17Performance Lab30,00016 módulo para WooCommerce2,00015
19Bit Integrations30014
20EXMAGE – WordPress Image Links6,00014
21ABC Crypto Currency Payment Gateway10014
22Weberlo for UTM and Ad Tracking5014
23Meta Field Block10013
24Independent Analytics2,00013
25ArvanCloud Object Storage7012
26WooCommerce Email Template Customizer – Email Creator60012
27Kubio Page Builder9,00012
28OwnID Passwordless Login1012
29SellKit – Funnel builder and checkout optimizer for WooCommerce to sell more, faster3,00012
30Custom links in Elementor Image Carousel2,00011
31Integrate Google Drive – Complete Google Drive Cloud Solution For WordPress1,00011
32Kotobee Integration4011
33Product Editor50011
34Create Block Theme60010
35Pay With MetaMask For WooCommerce – Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway1,00010
36DarkLooks – Dark Mode Switcher For WordPress40010
37Form to Chat ⚡️70010
38GetGenie – Content AI, SEO Keywords Analysis and Competitor Analysis with its AI Magic1,00010
39Live Summary for Gravity Forms20010
40System Dashboard20010
41Variation Swatches for WooCommerce by CartFlows80,00010
All Plugin Ratings

4. WordPress Plugins Sorted by Support Threads

  • 1,634 support threads were created in the last 2 months.
WordPress Plugins released in 2022 – sorted by support threads
1Gutenverse – Advanced Addons for Gutenberg/Fullsite Editing10,0003979
2Simple Cloudflare Turnstile — The new user-friendly alternative to CAPTCHA1,0003068
3Payment Plugins for PayPal WooCommerce5,0001937
4Local Google Fonts80,0005834
5Depicter – Modern Responsive Touch Slider20,0007332
6Greenshift – animation and page builder blocks10,0002232
710Web Booster – Website speed optimization & Page Speed optimizer20,0007229
9Burst Statistics – Privacy-Friendly Analytics for WordPress50,0003625
10Variation Swatches for WooCommerce by CartFlows80,0001025
11Custom Fields and Price Calculator for WooCommerce (Product Addons)4002020
12MarketKing — Ultimate WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace Platform — Build The Next eBay or Etsy300418
13reCAPTCHA for WooCommerce Checkout2,000717
14WordPress Ecommerce For Creating Fast Online Stores – By SureCart3,0008617
16Integrate Google Drive – Complete Google Drive Cloud Solution For WordPress1,0001111
17Offload, Store, Resize & Optimize with Cloudflare Images50510
18Performance Lab30,0001610

5. WordPress Plugin Authors and Developers

  • These 4,195 plugins were uploaded in 2022 by 3,139 authors;
  • 11 authors have uploaded 10 or more plugins;
  • 53 authors have uploaded 5 or more plugins.
WordPress Plugin authors sorted by number of plugins
#AuthorPluginsActivesActives per pluginRatings
1bPlugins LLC3613,67038046
3Jose Mortellaro201,8509321
6Benjamin Hagh Parast15120816
9Michael Gangolf12140122
12Liana Technologies Oy91010
13IT Path Solutions9440497
17ExpressTech Softwares Solutions Pvt Ltd8140186
18Zakaria Binsaifullah8470597
19Geek Code Lab81,8002259
26Phi Phan73505019
WordPress Plugin authors sorted by active installations per plugin
AuthorPluginsActivesActives per pluginRatings
Bosa Themes15,0005,0000
TTCK Team26,0503,0250
Gradient Themes24,0002,0000
Pexle Chris, Theo Gkitsos22,3001,15012
The African Boss22,1001,0505
Jordy Meow33,0101,00337
DHL Parcel11,0001,0000

6. Top Words in Plugin Names

  1. woocommerce – 608
  2. payment – 150
  3. block – 150
  4. gateway – 145
  5. elementor – 122
  6. form – 108
  7. product – 107
  8. post – 83
  9. contact – 82
  10. simple – 80
  11. login – 72
  12. custom – 70
  13. integration – 69
  14. builder – 68
  15. easy – 65
  16. image – 62
  17. page – 61
  18. forms – 57
  19. blocks – 57
  20. widget – 54
  21. checkout – 51
  22. user – 50
  23. manager – 49
  24. admin – 49
  25. cart – 48
  26. video – 48
  27. shipping – 47
  28. google – 46
  29. email – 46
  30. editor – 44
  31. your – 43
  32. slider – 42
  33. content – 41
  34. pay – 40
  35. button – 40
  36. posts – 39
  37. order – 38
  38. payments – 37
  39. social – 36
  40. gutenberg – 35
  41. chat – 35
  42. addons – 35
  43. search – 34
  44. menu – 34
  45. seo – 34
  46. add – 33
  47. free – 32
  48. ultimate – 31
  49. products – 30
  50. auto – 30
  51. code – 29
  52. embed – 29
  53. calculator – 29
  54. disable – 28
  55. api – 28
  56. generator – 27
  57. lite – 27
  58. advanced – 27
  59. addon – 26
  60. images – 26
  61. live – 25
  62. gallery – 25
  63. hide – 25

In Conclusion

This post is somewhat related to is ineffective for plugin distribution in 2022 published by Alex Denning of Ellipsis Marketing on October 18th, 2022.

Let me know if you are interested in a similar summary about the plugins published in 2020 or 2021.

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