Create a Testimonials Slider – Real Testimonials WordPress Plugin Tutorial

The Real Testimonials plugin allows you to display testimonials on your WordPress website. With more than 40,000 active installations, this is the second most used plugin in this category.

The plugin can be installed from the WordPress Dashboard. Search for Real Testimonials.

When you activate the plugin for the first time, you will see a welcome page with a Getting Started video and an ad for the PRO version of the plugin.

You will also see a new Real Testimonials section in the Dashboard.

Let’s start with the Settings page, which is quite small.

I like that there is an option to disable Slick CSS and Font Awesome, as these might be included with your theme or a different plugin.

If you want to collect testimonials directly on your website, you will have to buy the paid version or use a different contact form plugin.

I will quickly add several testimonials myself.

In order to display your testimonials, you will have to open the Manage Views page and Add a New one.

On this page you can change a few things, though a lot of options are available only in the paid version. Only 1 layout preset and 1 template are available.

Now that you have your view published, create or edit a page where you want to display the testimonials.

Add the Real Testimonials block and select your view.

Save your changes and view the page.

This is basically everything you can do with the plugin.

If you haven’t disabled any plugin assets, then this plugin will load 4 CSS files on every page of your website, even on pages where you don’t have the Testimonials slider. This is obviously not that great.

If you need a basic testimonials slider then this plugin might be the one for you. But I would love to see at least a few more features in the free version, including some performance improvements.

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